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Hand Veins

Center for Varicose Veins

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Bulging veins on your hands are rarely a cause for concern, but you might find their appearance unattractive. If you have unsightly hand veins, board-certified vascular and interventional radiologist Vinay Madan, MD, and his team at Center for Varicose Veins in Wilton, and Fairfield, Connecticut, can help. They're experts in using advanced, minimally invasive treatments that eliminate problem hand veins with virtually no pain or fuss. Call Center for Varicose Veins today to find out more or use the online form to book an appointment.

Hand Veins Q & A

Why do I have unsightly hand veins?hand veins

Unsightly hand veins are a common problem, especially as you get older. They usually protrude above the levels of your skin, sometimes bulging out. Hand veins may also be more noticeably blue or purple.

As you age, the skin on your hands gets thinner and less elastic. Your veins look more prominent and are easier to see through the more delicate skin. Other factors that can lead to unsightly hand veins include:

Venous insufficiency

The valves in your veins that keep blood flowing back to your heart sometimes weaken. As a result, they fail to stop blood from pooling in the veins on your hands, which then become enlarged.

Low body fat

If your body has little fat, the veins are more obvious. High levels of fat tend to disguise the veins.


You're more likely to have unsightly or bulging hand veins if other members of your family have them too.


Exercise increases blood pressure, which can push your veins out slightly. This effect normally reverses as your blood pressure normalizes, but if you work out regularly and build up large, hard muscles, bulging veins can become permanent.

Should I be worried about bulging hand veins?

Most often, bulging or unsightly hand veins aren't anything to worry about, other than being a cosmetic issue.

However, in a few cases, bulging hand veins might indicate you have a more serious condition, like a blood clot in the deep veins of your arm that might require clot-busting therapy.

What treatments are there for hand veins?

Treating prominent hand veins typically involves using sclerotherapy, a similar method that Dr. Madan uses to treat varicose veins in your legs. Additional varicose vein treatments include:

ClosureFast™ radiofrequency ablation

ClosureFast uses radiofrequency energy to heat the veins and cause them to collapse.

Endovenous laser ablation

Laser ablation has a similar effect to radiofrequency ablation. However, the heat comes from light energy.

VenaSeal™ Closure System

VenaSeal is an advanced medical-grade adhesive that sticks the walls of the problem vein together.


With sclerotherapy, Dr. Madan injects a solution called a sclerosant into the vein to close it off.

After your hand vein treatment, the veins gradually disappear, absorbed back into your body. Blood that would have used these veins simply takes another route, so there's no adverse effect on your circulation.

If you're concerned about the veins on your hands, seek advice from Dr. Madan by calling Center for Varicose Veins today or book an appointment online.